Q: Can I see computer simulations of the potential results of my rhinoplasty?


Yes, many plastic surgeons use computer simulations, also known as morphs, to show patients what their nose might look like after surgery. Computer simulations are created by taking a photograph of the patient’s face, then using special software to digitally manipulate the image of the nose to show potential changes. This can help patients and surgeons communicate more effectively about the desired outcome of the surgery and can also be helpful in setting realistic expectations for the results. The simulation is not a guarantee of the final outcome, but it is a good tool to have a general idea of what could be the final outcome of the surgery. Some surgeons provide the simulation to their patients as part of the pre-operative consultation, while others may charge an additional fee for this service. It’s important to note that the computer simulation is a tool to help you and your surgeon communicate, but the final outcome may not be identical to the simulation.

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