Q: Can rhinoplasty be performed on people with a history of allergies or sinus problems?


  • Rhinoplasty can be performed on people with a history of allergies or sinus problems, but it’s important for the patient to inform the surgeon about their medical history before the surgery. Allergies and sinus problems can affect the nasal anatomy and function, which can impact the outcome of the surgery.
  • It is important for the patient to be in good health and have well-controlled allergies or sinus problems before undergoing rhinoplasty. If the patient has active sinus infections or allergies at the time of the surgery, the surgeon may recommend postponing the procedure. This is to avoid complications such as infections, bleeding or poor healing after surgery.
  • The surgeon will also take into account the patient’s specific allergies or sinus problems when planning the surgery and may use special techniques to minimise the risk of complications. Postoperative care and follow-up will also be tailored to the patient’s specific needs.

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