Q: Can Rhinoplasty be performed on teenagers?


Rhinoplasty, also known as a “nose job,” can be performed on teenagers, but it is generally recommended to wait until the nose has finished growing. This typically occurs around age 18 TO 20 years of age. Before that age, the nose is still developing and the cartilage is not fully hardened, so the results of the surgery may not be long-lasting.

It’s important to have realistic expectations when considering rhinoplasty for teenagers, as the final shape of the nose may not be apparent until the nose is fully developed. Additionally, it is vital for the teenager to have a good understanding of the procedure and the recovery process, and to be motivated for the procedure for the right reasons, not just for cosmetic reasons or to please others.

Note that the teenager’s face is still developing and changing, and it’s important to consult a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon who has a good understanding of facial growth and development.

In summary, while rhinoplasty can be performed on teenagers, it is generally recommended to wait until the nose has finished growing and the teenager has a good understanding of the procedure, the recovery process and the realistic expectations.

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