Q: How long before I can wear makeup after rhinoplasty?


  • It is generally recommended to avoid wearing makeup for at least 2 weeks
    after rhinoplasty surgery. This is because makeup can cause irritation and infection in the healing incision sites. Additionally, the swelling and bruising that often accompany rhinoplasty can make it difficult to apply makeup evenly.
    After the two weeks, you can start using makeup, but you should use caution and avoid any makeup that may irritate or clog the incision sites, or to any area that still has swelling or discoloration. You should also avoid any makeup application that may cause trauma or pressure to the nose.
  • It’s important to follow your surgeon’s instructions and recommendations for post-operative care after rhinoplasty. He or she may have specific instructions regarding the use of makeup, depending on the specifics of your surgery and recovery.

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