Q: Is the result of Rhinoplasty long-lasting?


The results of rhinoplasty are generally long-lasting, but it’s important to understand that the nose can continue to change shape as the individual ages. The final result of the surgery may not be fully visible for up to a year after the procedure, as the nose continues to heal and settle into its new shape.

It’s also important to note that the nose is a constantly changing structure and that the external appearance of the nose may change over time due to factors such as ageing, sun exposure, and skin type. In some cases, revision surgeries may be necessary to maintain the desired results.

It’s also important to note that the nose will continue to grow throughout an individual’s life, so it’s not uncommon for the nose to change shape over time. Some people may require revision surgeries after a few years to maintain the desired results.

In addition, some people may develop complications or dissatisfaction with the results due to unrealistic expectations or poor surgical techniques, which may require revision surgeries.

It’s important for individuals considering rhinoplasty to have realistic expectations about the outcome of the surgery and to choose a qualified, experienced surgeon. They should also be aware that the procedure may not provide a permanent solution and that revision surgeries may be necessary in the future.

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