Q: What is Rhinoplasty?


Rhinoplasty, also known as a “nose job,” is a surgical procedure that alters the shape and/or size of the nose. The procedure can be performed for both cosmetic and functional reasons.

For cosmetic reasons, people may choose rhinoplasty to improve the appearance of their nose, such as reducing the size of a large nose, changing the shape of the tip, or straightening a crooked nose.

For functional reasons, people may choose rhinoplasty to correct breathing problems or to repair the nose after an injury.

The procedure is typically performed under general anaesthesia and can take anywhere from one to three hours. The surgeon will make incisions either inside the nostrils or across the columella (the area between the nostrils). They will then reshape the underlying bone and cartilage to alter the shape and size of the nose. The procedure can also include the removal or addition of cartilage or bone to achieve the desired shape and size.

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