Chin augmentation is a cosmetic surgery procedure designed to help men and women achieve a more defined chin in relation to the rest of the face. Chin enhancement can be done through facial implants or fat grafting or dermal fillers for chin enlargement or advancement.

Chin Augmentation Candidates

Men and women who have recessed chin, fleshy neck or prominent nose can go for Chin augmentation surgery that can give them defined jaw and balanced appearance of a large nose. They can also seek a nose job (rhinoplasty) simultaneously if deemed necessary to alter the overall look. People who have big (prominent) chin can go for chin reduction surgery to make their jaws appear less prominent. Chin implants surgeries are gaining popularity in men also because it makes them look masculine and more handsome with a bold jaw line!

Benefits of Chin Augmentation

  • Simple procedure
  • Improves the profile of the face and makes it look overall balanced
  • The implant (if used) can be removed if you don’t like it
  • No visible scar on the face as it is done through a small incision under the chin or from inside the mouth

Procedure of Chin Augmentation

We can use an artificial silicone implant placed under the skin to provide a permanent definition to the chin. Or we could use your own fat which is harvested from a dispensable fat pocket (lower tummy, inner thigh, love handle) which would give lifelong results. Or we could also use a Dermal filler (temporary or permanent) to achieve the desired result without the need for any kind of anaesthesia! This augmentation gives well-proportioned look to patient’s face that seems completely natural. The procedure usually takes about an hour and a half depending on surgeon’s and the patient’s preference (of procedure). The incision is usually placed inside the mouth, so no visible scar can be seen. Chin implants are safe, just like breast implants. Some bruising and swelling can be noticed up to six weeks after the procedure. Any chances of infections are controlled with antibiotics. Post-surgery, one may experience numbness of the lower lip and chin for few days.

There are many standard numerical guidelines and algorithms that are applied to facial analysis when planning an operation to change facial features such as rhinoplasty, chin augmentation/reduction, malar (cheek) implants, etc. Depending on the face in consideration and the proposed surgery, we usually recommend thorough facial analysis (done by the surgeon himself in person) and some diagnostic imaging modalities like special X-ray views of the face or may be a 3D CT image of the face.

This helps us reach a near-perfect face with a proportionate chin (in case of a chin implant) for you!

Dimpling of Chin (For men)

Some men and many women find a dimpled male chin highly attractive! It is now possible for us using advancements in surgical techniques to deliver these results desired by you.


To begin with, an in-depth facial analysis, as described above, is carried out. Depending upon the procedure, local or general anaesthesia is needed. A combination of procedures is usually required to achieve a dimpled chin such as liposuction of chin and/or trimming of the chin bone along with augmentation of the sides to create the dimple using fat grafting or dermal fillers. All this can be done via incision inside the mouth leaving no scar on the face. Post-surgery protocol remains similar to chin augmentation/reduction procedure. One may be required to wear a chin-strap to decrease swelling and contour the chin to maintain the shape achieved on table.

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