A model like face with sharp features (chiselled looks) is obviously a source of attraction and is being deeply sought nowadays. Thanks to facial implants, which have proven their safety, are a wonderful tool to achieve this!


  • To achieve a chiselled look of the face (better definition of attractive facial features – model like)
  • To get cheek prominences (malar augmentation)
  • To define chin and jaw line (chin and jaw angle augmentation)
  • To correct face deformities like depressed old fractures of bones specially over forehead and correction of nose

Procedure: The procedure is carried out under total aseptic conditions from inside the mouth. The accurate size of implant is used (customised with precision carving done manually) and secured in the desired position. Malar (cheek), chin, nasal, paranasal and jaw angles are the areas which can be defined with implants. The procedure does not leave any scar over the face.

Duration of Procedure: 1 – 3 hrs.

Anesthesia: General

Recovery Time: Back to work within a week

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