When we compare someone’s lips of 25 to those of 65, we see a lot of changes. The lips become clearly thinner, the edges of the lips become flatter, less defined, the skin of the upper and lower lip show vertical wrinkles and the entire upper lip becomes longer.

In other words, the distance between the nose and lip red increases so that when speaking or even laughing, the upper teeth are less visible. All this changes the emotional expression of the mouth and good natural lip rejuvenation requires an approach in these different areas.

If we want to increase the volume of the lips, we must respect the proportions of the upper and lower lip well. The lower lip is always slightly fuller in front view than the upper lip. Often patients often only ask for the upper lip to become fuller. When we make the upper lip as full as the lower lip, we often get a very unnatural result. This often gives the aspect of a “duckbill” and is the signature of an improper injection technique. Often we therefore also refill the lower lip a little.

To correct the vertical extent of the upper lip, a small surgical procedure called the “liplift” is called upon. A strip of skin over the entire width of the nose base is removed at the lower edge of the nose. This shortens the vertical length of the upper lip, and especially the lip red rolls out more, which has a very feminine and attractive effect. Liplift is often combined with other techniques to achieve a beautiful natural lip rejuvenation.

Filling can be done with a filler (hyaluronic acid gel) or with your own fat (lipofilling). A filler is simpler but must be repeated. Fat injection is a minor surgical procedure but is final.

For the correction of the vertical wrinkles the SNIF (Sharp Needle Intradermal Fat grafting) technique is used. Small fat particles are injected directly into the wrinkles. The lip edge can also be built up with this technique.

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