A liplift is a small surgical procedure performed at the base of the nose to shorten the vertical height of the aging upper lip. Together with the addition of volume to the lip red and the removal of the wrinkles on the upper lip, the liplift is an indispensable part for a natural rejuvenation of the upper lip/face.

With age, the lips become thinner, flatter, less defined, the skin of the upper and lower lip show vertical wrinkles and the entire upper lip becomes longer, i.e., the distance between the nose and lip red increases so that when speaking or even laughing the upper teeth are no longer visible. 

All this changes the emotional expression of the mouth and good natural lip rejuvenation requires an approach on these different levels. To correct the vertical extension of the upper lip, a small surgical procedure called the ” liplift”. At the base of the nostrils, a strip of skin is removed over the entire width of the nose base. This will result in the vertical length of the upper lip shortening and the lip red rolling more outwards. This small procedure often gives a very feminising and rejuvenating effect and is often combined with the other techniques to achieve a beautiful natural lip rejuvenation.


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