When skin slackening largely determines your dissatisfaction with your thighs, a thigh lift can offer a solution.

We distinguish between an inner and an outer thigh. These can be carried out together or individually, depending on the indications.

The inside of the thighs often exhibit skin relaxation, which sometimes becomes more noticeable after a liposculpture. An inner thigh lift will remove that slack skin through an incision that remains hidden in the groin region or go along the length of the thigh on this inner aspect.

When the skin is also relaxed at the front and outside of the thighs and can be seen from the front, we can help you decide whether you can do better with a liposculpture alone or with an outer thigh lift.

Sometimes after a major weight loss the skin of the thighs is very relaxed. Then the inner thigh lift incision has to be extended in a vertical fashion from the inguinal region to the knees on the inner side to remove the excess skin. But this incision is also quite well concealed and fades over time.

The Procedure:
An inner thigh lift consists of removing excess skin at the top of the thigh between the legs. This usually happens under general anaesthesia. In order to lift the thigh better, a liposculpture of the inside of the thigh is usually performed at the same time. The skin is firmly attached in the inguinal fold, and subcutaneously sutured with absorbable sutures.

With an outer thigh lift, skin and fat are removed at the hip crest. This is less often indicated and happens in combination with abdominal wall plasty as a “body lift” in massive weight loss patients. This also requires a general anaesthesia.

Post-operative course:
With a medial thigh lift you can walk around again after one or two days, albeit with elastic pressure pants, and with care. Spreading of the legs is not possible in the first few days and also not advisable. With a more extensive thigh lift it is possible that you have to take it slower for few days more. The first few days it is difficult to sit as well as roam about, since the seam is located at the height of the buttock fold.

In general, the pain is tolerable for most patients. Showering is allowed after a day or two. After healing, the scar of the procedure barely stands up and is well tolerated.

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